pharmacy is the scientific discipline which relates chemistry to pharmacology and it involves the research, development, manufacture, handling, and distribution of drugs and medicines. It is the official medical profession in more than sixty countries around the world. In the United States, it is included in the curriculum for almost every community college.

Pharmacy is a branch of the medical field which deals with preparation and dispensation of medication. Pharmacies can be described as establishments which dispense and prepare various types of medicines. These pharmacies are also called drug stores, pharmacies, or retail pharmacies. They usually have pharmacies stock that includes all kinds of prescription medicines. All such pharmacies are generally licensed and regulated by their respective state. Some states even impose licensing requirements on the proprietor of a pharmacy.

The medical profession has various specialized fields such as pharmacy, general medicine, geriatrics, surgery, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, and obstetrics. There are also certain specialties which are under the medical profession such as pediatrics and family practice. The different types of medicine that are sold under the name of pharmacy include prescription, over the counter, prescription drug, generic, discount, brand name, or manufacturer’s name medicines. Among these medicines, over the counter medicines are the largest sellers in the US. Prescription drugs, on the other hand, are the second most popular drugs in the US and they are the ones used by doctors. Prescription drugs usually contain brand names and are sold with prescriptions. They are often sold to individuals and the government.

The major function of pharmacy is to provide patients with quality medical services. The professionals involved in pharmacy work are pharmacists, technicians, and nurses. Pharmacies may also serve as drug rehabilitation centers as some pharmacies offer programs that help people quit using drugs. In fact, there are also a lot of people who are treated at a pharmacy to cure them from addictions to different drugs.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies sell medications through pharmacy stores. It is essential to ensure that your pharmacy contains a high quality inventory of pharmaceuticals, since this will ensure that you are able to provide your patients with the best quality medications. The type of medicines that are sold through pharmacy stores will also depend on the type of products and the number of patients.

The first step to starting your own pharmacy would be to join a professional organization in the state where you live. After you complete your training program, you will need to get a license. From there, you can open a pharmacy. You must be careful about your business because there are many risks involved and you should take responsibility for all the matters pertaining to your pharmacy.

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