TOP 10 AIRSOFT SUBMACHINE GUNSThere are countless versions of Airsoft Submachine, therefore it can be difficult picking the right one.

Here’s a list of the very best available at the moment if you’re considering investing in on.


10.JG MC51 SAS – AEG

This streamlined SMG made from both metal and plastic is very good for CQB and also the speed of 360FPS makes it one of the fastest shooting firearms around.


9. JG T3 G3 SAS CQB JG096 Sub machine gun

Having a shortened barrel and the stock removed, this gun is compact and light.


What it lacks in added features, it makes up for having a high-capacity magazine capable to maintain 500 BBs and supplies a fast firing rate at 365FPS.


8.JG P90 with 1500 round box magazine

A slightly awkwardly shaped SMG where the principal advantage is that the large magazine that comes connected to the gun so you can keep on shooting for a long time.


The fire selector offers three options; safe, semi automatic and auto.


7.Ares Amoeba AM-015 CQB Soundhog (Black)

This searchable SMG is very good for close-range battle with semi automatic and fully automatic shooting mode and there’s also the choice of working with a silencer.


The retractable buttstop can be placed in two separate positions and it also has a front and rear sight to improve targeting.


The 8 sided handguard includes a 20mm rail for accessories like lasers or flashlights to be attached to these to boost the gun further.


6.ASG B&T MP9A1 Foregrip — Black

The appeal of the SMG can be found in the gas blowback and the realistic look and feel of the replica.


With a folding stock to adjust the weapon period that, alongside the flexible hop-up, allows you to rapidly shoot a further range or in a more exact manner whereas the integrated front grip gives you more control over it.


An added bonus is that the cause has an active security purpose.


5.G&G ARP9 with keymod railroad AEG (Black)

The size of the ARP9 makes it effortless to carry and aim but looks could be deceiving. You might not expect it to have such excellent precision and range but it will, making it a favorite primary weapon.


There is a rail for both the top and front allowing for sights and accessories to be added to the SMG.


It fires at a fast rate of 330FPS.


4. JG MP5K with m4 inventory and railings JG206

This is a compact yet heavyweight SMG that has a lot to offer.


It has top, side and lower rails to mount sights, attach grips and other accessories to attach it while the front and rear iron sight are adjustable.


It’s a couple of ambidextrous features like rear sling mount along with a flame selector making it feasible for you to use whichever hand is that your strongest when using it.


The velocity is also adjustable which range from 290-320FPS.


3. Jing Gong MP5SD with retractable inventory

This is a fantastic starter gun for brand new Airsoft gamers to get their hands on a reliable, durable realistic-looking replica at a really inexpensive price.


An integrated suppressor and retractable inventory make it simple to manoeuvre during close encounters on the battlefield with the capability to take out your enemies without hearing something.


2. S&T PPSH-41 blowback aeg (Real Wood)

This mixture of steel and fake wood provides a fashionable find a sub-machine gun with a 2000 round drum magazine.


As suggested by the title, the blowback process is a big area of the rifle’s appeal but being an iconic Russian weapon of WW2 can be an enticing variable.


The flexible hop-up lets you enhance the scope and accuracy of your shots.


1. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 — B.E.T. carbine, M95 version

This gun permits you to alter the speed easily so it is possible to decide for yourself how fast the pellets take out while nevertheless providing highly accurate shots as a result of the front and rear iron sights.


The full-metal inner system makes the burden and operate feel like the real thing as well as looking like the real thing.


It can detect if the magazine is empty while it has a 4 position flame selector using a real 3-shot burst along with the custom electronics inside make it a high functioning weapon.


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